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New Beginnings

New Life

Minawa Miharu
20 June 1985
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New Beginnings
With a sigh
of weariness I
push away the
book that contains
the past two
chapters of my life.
It's time to break
away and a time
For New Beginnings.
As I open the drawer
to my desk my eyes
catch sight of two
pictures. Both of them
featuring me with
previous love. Without
another thought I place
my life's chapters into
the drawer closing it
effetively ending the
past two chapters of
my 19 years of life.
Standing I turn
and smile as I
am joined by
my two best friends.
Together we walk away
starting a new beginning
and a new chapter
within my life.
Behind our backs another
book appears and
starts to record
the new chapter.
It's time for a
New Beginning.